Importation of new and used cars into Cyprus.

Customs formalities when importing a vehicle.

The Customs & Excise website now has all the customs information that you will require to import a vehicle into Cyprus from within the EU and third countries. There is a calculator for working out the duties to be paid on cars, double cabs and motorcycles. Some of these duties are designated as a local tax by Cyprus and apply even when importing from within the EU.

Customs website - Importing vehicles and duty free cars (English Version)
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Registering the vehicle with the Department of Road Transport.

Details of how to register an imported used vehicle from inside and outside the EU with the Department of Road Transport can be pdf Downloaded here.

The Registration Fees calculations in the document are no longer applicable. There is a standard registration fee of €150 for most private vehicles.

Details of how Road Taxes are calculated on saloon vehicles, including examples, can be pdf Downloaded here.

Used imported vehicles require

A Roadworthiness Test Certificate (MOT).

All vehicles require


If your vehicle is fitted with a speedometer marked only in miles per hour (MPH), it will have to be replaced by one marked in kilometers per hour (KPH).

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