Registration Plate Law from June 2013

Motorcycle Registration Plate
New Motorcycle Plate.

The new law on vehicle registration plates came into force on the 3rd June 2013.

It requires that NEW motor vehicles registered on or after that date will have to fit the new style plates. Those fitted to cars will be white front and rear and conform to strict guidelines regarding size, font etc. The month and year of first registration in Cyprus is included on the plate.

Those plates that are already fitted to vehicles do not have to be changed unless they need replacing through loss or damage or the owner wishes too.


Registration plates already fitted to mopeds, motorcycles (including tricycles and quadricycles), must be replaced with new style plates by the 3rd December 2013.

Taxis, heavy trucks and vans with an 'A' licence* must also be changed to the new style.

Motorcycles and moped plates will be coloured white and are required to be fitted to the rear only.

The new plates fitted to taxis are yellow and hire cars, red.

Do you need new style plates? Download an Idiots Guide here.

Licenced sellerThe plates can only be made up by shops licenced by the Department of Road Transport.

A full list of those shops with a licence to make the plates for all areas can be downloaded in pdf form here.

You will need to take with you the registration document (log book) for the vehicle and identification. The type of identification must be the same as used when the vehicle was registered, the number as shown at item [c.9] on newer log books.

The cost is about €30 for a set of car plates and €15 for motorcycles.

Car Registration Plate
New Car Plate.

The announcement of the new law, issued by the Transport Department in Greek, can be downloaded here.

The registration plates of the motor vehicles owned or operated by the Ministries or Departments of the Republic of Cyprus, Services and Directorates under them, apart from the police, the National Guard and the House of Representatives will also display new style plates with the appropriate crests and letters denoting the different departments. They will be orange with retro-reflective properties and a blue border.

* 'A' licensed trucks are permitted to carry any goods, usually transporting products for different companies while 'B' licensed trucks and vans are only allowed to transport goods belonging to the company the vehicles are registered to.

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