Information for UK trained Driving Instructors
seeking work in Cyprus.


UK trained driving instructors qualifications are accepted in Cyprus.

In order to work as a driving instructor in Cyprus you have to obtain a Cyprus Driving Instructor Licence.

This procedure could take in excess of six months in order to establish residency and work permits etc.

Apply at the Department of Road Transport Head office in Nicosia and submit the following:

Your UK Driving Instructor Licence.
Proof that you have worked as an ADI in the UK for three years. - Currently a new driving instructor cannot open a driving school on their own but must work under an established driving school for a period of three years. The Ministry have stated that this restriction will be abolished in December 2012.

Cyprus Driving Licence.
Cyprus Identity Card.
Medical Certificate. (From the hospital only - on form T.O.M. 17)
A Certificate of Good Character (From the Cyprus Police if you have been resident for six months. (A UK one or a combination of both MAY be accepted if resident less than this time).
Two recent photographs.
Fee of € 8.54

Vehicle and Office Requirements.

car engine engine and drive axle signs plate

The Vehicle.

The vehicle you intend to use for diver training has to conform to the following:
- It must be fitted with dual foot controls.
- Display an illuminated 'L' sign on the roof. This is changing to an 'E' sign. (Currently no other words are permitted on the sign).
- Display 'E' Plates, one to the front and one to the rear of the vehicle.
- Insured through the Government insurance scheme for the vehicles use as a driver training vehicle.
- Be examined and re-registered as such by the Department of Road Transport.

The Office.

- It is compulsory to have an office with a toilet and washing facilities.
- It must have a cut-away engine on display showing the internal workings of the engine.
- It must have a poster with all of the traffic signs on it and there are various other minor requirements.
- You must display your name and the registration number of the training vehicle.
- There are also several book keeping requirements.
There may be a local instruction for other signs to be displayed.

For further information

Website: Department of Road Transport

Βασιλέως Παύλου 27, 2412 Έγκωμη
Τηλ.: +35722807000, Φαξ.: +35722354030

Department of Road Transport
Vasileos Pavlou 27, 2412 Engomi
Tel: +35722807000, Fax.: +35722354030

The Cyprus Identity Card

The references to the Cyprus Identity card are currently not valid. They have been withdrawn, at least for the time being, to none Cypriots.

In order to obtain an identity card you must have be Registered with the Immigration Department to reside or work here. Click here for more information and application forms.

The identity card is issued by the local municipality and the application forms can be obtained at the municipal offices.

Issue of Citizen's Identity Card
In accordance with the Registration of Inhabitants Law, Chapter 85, the obtaining and possession of the citizens Identity Card is obligatory for any eligible person who has attained the age of twelve years

Identity Cards are issued to the following persons:
(a) Citizens of the Republic.
(b) Persons of Cypriot Origin.
(c) To foreigners residing legally in Cyprus, independently of the fact that they have a permanent or temporary residence permit.

Citizens applying for replacement of their existing Identity Card, either because it has been lost or defaced or for any other reason, will acquire the new type of Identity Card.

In order to issue/replace the citizen's Identity Card the following are required:
(a) Completed application form.
(b) A passport sized photograph (4x3 cm) certified by the Competent Mukhtar.

In the case where the applicant appears in person, the certification is unnecessary and the applicant may be photographed at the Office free of charge.
(c) The original of the Marriage Certificate in the case of married women wanting to change their surname or Divorce Certificate if divorced.
(d) The applicant's passport if he/she has another citizenship in addition to the Cypriot one.
(e) Foreigners residing legally in Cyprus should present their Aliens Card.
(f) Issuance fee of €8.54.

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