Valid Driving Licences

UK Driving Licence

Drivers can drive with a current valid:

  1. EU driving licence
  2. An International Driving Permit (IDP) together with a current valid domestic driving licence.
  3. Article 20 of the Driving License Laws of 2001 and 2004, recognizes driver's licences or learner's licences issued by the EU and a competent authority of the country included in the table below and are valid for 6 months only:
    1. Australia
    2. Canada
    3. Georgia
    4. Iceland
    5. Japan
    6. Liechtenstein
    7. New Zealand
    8. Norway
    9. Russia
    1. Serbia
    2. South Africa
    3. South Korea
    4. Switzerland
    5. Ukraine
    6. United Arab Emirates
    7. USA
    8. Zimbabwe

    At the end of that period they must be exchanged for a Cyprus licence.

  4. Other countries national driving licences are valid for a period of 30 days.

Any driver must have reached the minimum age for the category of vehicle they intend to drive and all licences must be valid for the class of vehicle.

The ages are not the same for all EU countries.

The list of countries with bilateral agreements may change occasionally. I try to keep the list up to date. Check with the DoRT if you believe your country has been added to the list. Correct at September 2012.

The information on this page refers to non vocational driving licences only.

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